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Do beading or beaded Knitting? Well here is the "toy" for you!

Wooden Spinners out of stock at the moment but the ecomony are available.

This is handcrafted in the USA from American hardwoods. Will string all sizes of beads and comes with VERY complete instructions as well as an assortment of needles for stringing. It is also very reasonably priced at $32.00

Now available an economy model which works the same way and comes with the same assortment of needles and instruction for only $14.95.

Another new Product for Dyers

This brand new book is a very comprehensive book for beginner and experienced dyers as well. I will list the topics in the index so you can see how much information is packed into this wonderful 147 page book.
Index includes - Introduction; Safety-Percentage Dyeing - Just Dyeing - Fiber; Depth of Shade; Mixing Dye Stock; Calculating the Required Amount of Dye; Imersion Dyeing; Chemicals; Types of Dyes; Complete Dyes; Leveling and Millling Dyes; Fiber Reactive Dyes; Metal Complex Dyes; Comparing Dye Colors; Color Mixing and Sampling: Immersion Applications; Thickening Dyes; Direct Application; Direct Application Methods; Miscellaneous Dye Applications; ATroubleshooting; Charts; Suppliers; and References.
Book is Spiral bound so you can have it sitting out flat when you are trying to dye and read at the same time (maybe only I do that!)

All this for only:


Now in stock, the great new Dyer's Companion. This little book is just packed full of useful information for the new and experienced dyer alike. Info on natural dyes as well as synthetic dyes; info about equipment and fibers as well as color principles and more. This is a must have for all dyers. Order yours now.

$19.95 U.S./27.95 Canadian

Pretty new Beaded Scarf Kits. They include the pattern, yarn and beads. The Yarn is Merino/Tencel and is a Boucle styel - soft and very nice. All you need to provide are needles, a crochet hook that will fit through the beads and your expertise! They are so pretty. I have 2 blue and 1 Pink in Stock but also available is the nice beige that will coordinate with every one of your outifts! Get one of each color and you will have a great choice.

Price Each $28.00

Beautiful New Sock pattern by Brenda Zuk

This pattern includes all three pretty socks. You will want to do a pair in each pretty design. The price is $7.50 plus $1.25 for shipping.

Katie A-Go-Go

This is a wonderful and innovative product by Nancy Shroyer of Nancy's Knit Knack's. This very portable kate can be used with bobbins from any wheel or your drop spindles. It comes with a super little carrying/storage case and great instructions. Now available in a lovely Walnut as well! These are coming in within the next two weeks so watch for them. I have enclosed a photo of the older model. There have been just a few changes but the new ones are very similar. Maple - $49.99

The next new addition will be Nancy's Knit Sack which is for drop spindlers. It holds a spindle as well as fiber. A must for those of you who take your spindles along. This will help insure that you won't return home to find your spindle broken.

Specially designed to hold both your spindles and your fiber which allows the fiber artist to spin while on the go! Sack measures 6W x 12H x 3D and has a special 6W x 10H pouch to hold and protect your spindles. In addition, it has a 5 x 6 pocket for your wallet or cell phone plus a 1 x 6 pocket for a small spindle or pencil. Sack has a 6 x 3 flat base and is capable of standing up. Made from 12-14 oz. sturdy denim and no lining is needed. Has a 1 adjustable cotton web belt (Navy) with a quick disconnect buckle (fits 54 waist, a 72 belt is also avail.). Can be worn around your waist or over your shoulder. Allows you to spin out of the Sack. The belt can be removed or replaced. The Sack has a drawstring closure with a cord lock. Your Fiber is kept in the main compartment of the Sack while your spindles are held in the special interior pouch which is made from 6 oz. denim. Made in the USA by professional seamstresses.